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Adopting A Bunny
April 1, 2023

April is Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month. Given that Easter is just around the corner, this is a perfect time to talk about rabbits. Unfortunately, there’s likely to be a flood of bunnies being rehomed and turned into shelters later this month. This is something that becomes an issue every spring. A Frederick, MD vet offers some information about adopting Floppy below. 

The Easter Bunny 

Rabbits have been associated with spring and Easter for hundreds—if not thousands—of years. In that time, the Easter bunny—initially a symbol of fertility—has become a popular cultural icon. Actually, Floppy may have become too popular for her own good. Every year, thousands of adorable bunnies are given as Easter gifts. That makes for some cute photos, but the charm often quickly wears off as people realize that rabbits A) are voracious chewers and B) need a lot of love and attention. Lack of education is also an issue. Bunnies can quickly become sick and/or unhappy without proper care. They can also be traumatized by major upheavals, such as changing owners.

Impulse Adoptions 

Bunnies aren’t right for everyone, and should never be adopted on a whim. However, that doesn’t mean Floppy isn’t a good pet. Rabbits can make wonderful animal companions. However, these cute furballs have some unique and specific needs, and can live up to 12 years with proper care. Don’t proceed unless you’re committed to providing your furry pal with love and care for the rest of her life. You should also never give a bunny away as a present. Adoption is forever! 

Bunny Care 

It’s important to get a good grasp of bunny care basics. Floppy is adorable, but she’s also quite different from Fido and Fluffy. One common mistake many first-time bunny owners make is not providing a suitable diet. Rabbits need lots of fiber, and will need a constant supply of fresh grass hay. They’re also very curious and active. Your furry buddy will need lots of daily free time in a bunnyproofed area. Another thing that’s important to note? Rabbits are adorable little chewing machines, who will gnaw on (or through) anything and everything within paws’ reach. You’ll need to provide plenty of suitable chew toys. Find a good vet that’s experienced with bunnies, and get some specific care advice.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your Frederick, MD animal clinic, anytime!