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Hamster Runabouts
May 1, 2023

May 10th is Hamster Day! Hammie certainly has gone through a huge popularity surge recently. One 2012 AMVA study showed that, out of 1000 pet-owning houses, 887 had hamsters! While taking your pint-sized pal to the park is probably out of the question, you can let him explore and get out of his cage for a few minutes by getting him a runabout, or hamster ball. Read on as a local Frederick, MD vet offers some advice on letting little Hammie go for a spin. 

Size It Right 

Hamster runabouts are not one-size fits all. Choose something that is the right size for your furry buddy. A dwarf hamster may not be strong enough to move something made for a Syrian hamster! 

Don’t Force It 

Hamsters may be small, but just like all of our other animal companions, they all have their own personalities. Some are quite adventurous, and others are very shy. If Hammie seems scared, don’t force him. Your tiny furball may just be a homebody. There’s nothing wrong with that! 

Other Pets

If you have a dog and/or a cat, keep them in another area before letting Hammie out. Otherwise, Fido and Fluffy may be tempted to bat him around. Needless to say, that would be terrifying for the little guy.

Choose Safe Spaces

Picking the right spot is also very important. Avoid areas where Hammie could roll into a pool, down a driveway, down stairs, or end up in any other dangerous situations! A flat, enclosed area is best.

Short And Sweet 

Don’t keep Hammie in his ball too long: your miniature furball may get quite exhausted running around! Generally, 10 to 15 minutes is plenty. 

Hamster-Only Play Area 

We love all of our animal companions. However, they don’t always play well together. If you have a dog and/or a cat, put them in another area before letting Hammie out to play. 


Summer is coming, and the weather is also something to think about. It may get hot very quickly in his runabout! Keep your tiny adventurer confined to spaces with climate control. 

Keep It Clean

Hamsters are pretty clean, but they aren’t exactly housetrained. Your pint-sized pal may make a mess in his ball. Always wash and disinfect runabouts before putting them up. 

Do you have a question about hamster care? Contact us, your local Frederick, MD animal clinic, today!