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Caring For A Shy Kitty
June 15, 2023

One thing we love about our feline pals is the fact that they all have their own distinct purrsonalities. Some are loud and outgoing, some are calm and laid back, and some are, well, scaredy-cats. A local Frederick, MD veterinarian discusses caring for a timid kitty in this article. 

Veterinary Care

First things first: if you’ve only recently adopted Fluffy, and/or she has just lately started acting timid, bring her in for a checkup. You want to rule out the possibility that medical issues are behind your furball’s behavior. 

Hiding Places 

Kitties often feel safest in small, secure areas. Make sure your little buddy always has places to retreat to when she is feeling scared. These don’t have to be elaborate: pet condos are great, but Fluffy will also enjoy plain cardboard boxes or grocery bags. If you have a dog, and you know or suspect that Fluffy is scared of Fido, offer your furry buddy vertical space, such as a cat tower. (Note: if your canine pal is going after your cat, consult a pet behaviorist immediately, as this can be dangerous.) 


Take time to play with Fluffy every day. That workout will help your kitty burn off her zoomies, so she’ll be calmer after. A few rounds of Catch The Red Dot can make a world of difference! 

Give Fluffy Time 

If you’ve just adopted your feline friend, she may still be adjusting to her new surroundings. One huge ‘faux paws’ here? Forcing attention on Fluffy. Scaredy-cats are often nervous about being petted or held. It may take time for your new furball to feel safe enough to approach you for attention.

Calming Medications

If your feline buddy has extreme anxiety, ask your vet about kitty-calming products. As the name suggests, these help sooth nervous pets. Just follow the instructions to the letter!


Music soothes the savage beast. It also soothes the not-so-savage kitty cat! Play calming tunes for Fluffy when you leave her at home. 

Purrfect Luxuries 

It’s not hard to turn your home into a kitty luxury palace. Set out lots of soft beds, and offer Fluffy toys, treats, and cat furniture. Small luxuries, like catnip and boxes, can help get that motor going. Conversation and TLC also help!

Do you know or suspect that your kitty has anxiety? Contact us, your local Frederick, MD pet hospital, today.