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Village Vet of Urbana
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Liz Cook
Liz Cook
14:51 29 Aug 22
I have had nothing but exceptional experiences with this vet. My dog is extremely nervous at the vet and does better in the back for exams but I asked at our last visit I asked if we could at least start in the room with me to see how he would do, and they were so so patient and kind with him and he did really well! I know it’s much more efficient to take him in the back and do the exam and there are many vets where they are too busy to take the time to work with a dog like mine, but Village Vet will! I’m so thankful to have found a vet that will take the time to sit on the floor with him and help him feel comfortable, moving slowly, lots of treats and kind voices etc. In just the last 2 visits I’ve seen a huge improvement with his comfort level and anxiety in the office and exam room. All that on top of clear, logical medical advice, even with a dog with very odd medical concerns!
Caitlin Prince
Caitlin Prince
15:48 23 Aug 22
I've reviewed them before but I have to again just to show how much we love Village Vet of Urbana. I called to schedule my old dog a follow up after being told he had a brain tumor, so naturally I'm upset and crying when scheduling the appointment, the receptionist was so sweet and caring, allowing me to take my time explaining. We were able to see Dr. Porter that same day and she gave us a great explanation of what it could and could not be. I really feel they take the time to listen and explain. Dr. Morrow has also seen my old boy and has been great with him. We just couldn't thank them enough!
natalie hollis
natalie hollis
15:47 01 Sep 21
Two of my dogs had serious health issues this past year that were caught early on by Dr. Morrow and were treated quickly. My dogs now have a good prognosis due to her vigilant care. Highly recommend Dr. Morrow and Village Vet! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my dogs!
Chi Alison Pakenham
Chi Alison Pakenham
00:44 01 Jan 18
Being a first time dog owner with no clues whatsoever, I was very happy that I chose to enroll their puppy wellness and neuter plans. I paid $ monthly and they remind me when to bring my puppy in for check-up and what tests are needed to be done, and when to give the preventative flea and worm treatments. I like that they are always very flexible with time. Everyone I have come across has been absolutely wonderful.My 6 months old Corgi just got neutered this past weekend. The incision is minimum. He stayed overnight and I picked him up the following morning. He was back to himself like nothing happened. I can only say - WOW! Great job, ladies. I am really happy with the services I was provided. My dog approves too. Two thumbs up! I highly recommend their service.
robin Castle
robin Castle
19:35 18 Jul 17
Saying Goodbye to My Dixie (with the loving support and canine kindness of Dr. Debra, Kelsey, and Stephanie all others staff members at Village Vet of Urbana) this is Dixie Pooh she was a rescue dog that spent most of her life chained under a truck well until she became the queen at my home. Then one day she became very ill and had to cross the rainbow bridge. She ate something in the woods that made her ill. She was in so much pain and could not breathe. I took her to the Village Vet of Urbana and left her there so she could be checked out. Within an hour they called to tell me that she was extremely ill. I guess when dogs eat something that is poisonous it happens quickly because two days before she was running in the backyard chasing her ball. Dr. Debra said she could try and save her but it would be very costly and doubtful she would live. She did not pressure me either way but said I needed to make the decision. I decided on euthanasia. Kelsey and Stephanie the vet techs were right by my side and crying with me. Dixie, went very quickly smiling up at me. Dr. Debra said something so beautiful when I said, "She never even acted sick other than lack of appetite. I felt terrible that I did not act sooner." She said "Sometimes when dogs have lived a horrific life and then get to become a faithful, loving, companion to someone that loves them back so much." They hang on because they do not want to let go and see you hurt. Now that is a Pet Clinic that truly understand the relationship of how much pets mean to us and we mean to them. Just know this, your love for animals our adopted furry children makes each of thankful for all you do to keep them with us for as long as they can be. When we have to let them go, help us do so in the most benevolent, merciful, sympathetic and loving manner.
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Jamie J.Jamie J.

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