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Simple Ways To Keep Fluffy Happy   
May 15, 2024

Kittens could very well be the ideal pet. They’re small, but full of purrsonality and character, and their endearing idiosyncrasies and lively antics always make us smile. Fluffy is also a rather easy keeper. However, she does need proper TLC to stay happy and purring. In this article, a local Urbana, MD vet answers some questions on how to keep your kitty companion happy.

What Can I Do to Keep My Indoor Cat Happy?

Providing your kitty with good food, a clean litterbox, and proper veterinarian care will take care of the essentials. However, it takes a little more to keep that small motor running. You will need to provide amusement, excitement, and other kitty amenities.

Here are some ways to please your feline overlord: 

Talk to Fluffy

No one will ever know for sure how much of our language our cats really comprehend, but we strongly suspect that Fluffy knows what “Get out of there” and “What are you doing in there?” mean. 

Regardless, talking to your pet is a wonderful method to strengthen your bond with her. She may not understand what you’re saying (which makes her a fantastic confidante), but she will recognize and appreciate your efforts to connect with her.

Your pet may also respond in her own unique way. Chatty cats may meow back at you. Fluffy may twitch her tail, slowly blink at you, or affectionately head bonk you.

Play with Your Cat

Toys and playtime are crucial for your pet’s enjoyment and well-being. Your cute, cuddly pet has the heart of a lion. Kitties are natural hunters, so they have the instinct to pounce, jump, and scratch. These things would help them survive in the wild. Fluffy has to be able to let out her inner tigress every now and then.

Playing isn’t just a fantastic way for Fluffy to satisfy her hunting tendencies. It’s also excellent for bonding. Taking a few minutes to hold a laser pointer for your adorable pet can go a long way toward strengthening that special bond between you and making your kitty feel cherished. If you have multiple cats, playing with them together can help them bond.

Aside from that, kitty playtime can help a nervous kitty gain confidence. And if your pet has a bad attitude, it’s a terrific way to let her take her angst out in a healthy manner.

Keep in mind that each pet has different toy preferences. One cat may enjoy pursuing that elusive red dot from a laser pointer, but another may prefer ‘capturing’ catnip mice. Experiment with several options to determine what your furry pal prefers.


Our feline rulers aren’t bashful about ‘borrowing’ our beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and laps when they need to nap. Fluffy will both appreciate and benefit from having some of her own belongings, though.

The cat tower, of course, is the gold standard. This is a multi-purrpose item. It provides your kitty with a great vantage position. That is significant: cats don’t have much of a perspective from the ground level, therefore they enjoy climbing to high places. This allows them to gaze down on their kingdoms and subjects (that would be you) with the smug superiority that cats excel at.

Additionally, cat towers offer a nail care station for your adorable companion. This will let your feline companion satisfy her instinct to keep her paw daggers sharp while still sparing your furnishings. Fluffy will also gain some sleeping areas and a jungle gym. 

In addition, if you have a dog, it provides vertical space that is out of his range, which she may appreciate. (We will discuss Fluffy and Fido’s rather tumultuous relationship in another post.)

A tower does not have to cost a lot of money. You can reuse an old stepladder or shelf system. Just add wooden boards to create kitty lounging areas. Then cover with sisal rope or carpet. Voila!

Napping Areas

Our feline friends are exceedingly drowsy, and they can nap for up to 20 hours per day. Fluff will like having several options. Store-bought beds are excellent; we recommend purchasing at least one or two. Folded blankets can also be used to cover footstools, storage trunks, and ottomans.

Window Seat

We always urge that kitties stay indoors. It’s just much safer for them! When your cute little pet steps outside, she is exposed to a multitude of hazards, including traffic, weather, wild animals, stray cats, chemicals, and, unfortunately, some humans. Kitties that are allowed outside are also more likely to get parasites and/or become lost, injured, or even killed than indoor cats.

That said, cats  do enjoy watching birds and squirrels and generally studying what’s happening outside. Make sure Fluffy has at least one comfortable window seat with a great view. Placing a bird feeder in her line of sight will provide her with entertainment while also benefiting nearby wildlife.


Plants not only serve to cleanse the air, but they can also make any home more appealing. Furthermore, your pet will appreciate having something to gnaw on. Fluffy also enjoys sneaking out from under green leaves and pretending to be a dangerous predator. Just make sure you stick to safe ones. The ASPCA website contains a complete list of dangerous and non-toxic plants here. (Note: Lilies are particularly toxic to cats.)

Of course, your pet is likely to enjoy some catnip. You can cultivate your own, ensuring a steady supply. (Tip: If your feline friend doesn’t like it, try giving her honeysuckle cat toys.)


Last but not least, make your feline friend feel appreciated. Talk to Fluffy, pet her, and play with her. You may also provide lap space and ear scritches to keep the motor humming.

Cats, like humans, just want to feel loved, comfortable, and safe. While it is vital to offer your pet toys, furnishings, and other items stated above, what is most important for your kitty’s mental and physical health is developing the special link we have with our animal friends. 

While you should never push attention on a kitty , Fluffy will appreciate it if you took the time to chat with her, pet her, and simply hang out with her. This might be as simple as giving her a little forehead pat as you walk by, or allowing her to snooze on your lap.

Visit Your Urbana, MD Animal Clinic Regularly

If given the choice, our feline friends would undoubtedly choose to stay at home and nap rather than visit our Urbana, MD, pet hospital. However, good veterinary care is critical to Fluffy’s health.

We recommend that all cats be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and have regular checkups, immunizations, and parasite management. In between visits, keep a lookout for signs of illness, including vomiting, untidy fur, hiding, respiratory problems, eating changes, weight increase or loss, fever, diarrhea, and litterbox troubles. If you detect anything out of the ordinary, please contact your vet immediately.

Make An Appointment With Your Urbana, MD Vet

Do you have a question about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your local Urbana, MD pet hospital, now! We are dedicated to providing both top-notch veterinary services and great customer care.