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Caring For A Dog With Allergies
November 20, 2022
Did you know that dogs can develop allergies, just as people can? In fact, as many as 20 percent of our canine companions may have allergies. Fido can be allergic to a wide variety of things, such as dust, dander, pollen, trees and leaves, strong fumes, grass, mold, insect bites, and even certain types of fibers. Food allergies are also not uncommon. A Damascus, MD vet discusses caring for an allergic pooch in this article.


Vacuuming and dusting regularly can make a huge difference. You don’t have to do your whole place every day: just hit the high-traffic spots and your furry friend’s favorite lounging areas.

Wipe Downs

If your four-legged friend is allergic to things like pollen and leaves, get into the habit of wiping his paws and belly down before bringing him inside. You can use hypoallergenic pet wipes, but a damp washcloth will also work. This will help keep the allergens out of his fur. (If he rolls, you’ll need to get the rest of him, too.)

Monitor Conditions

If your canine buddy is sensitive to airborne allergens, you may want to download a pollen tracker app. Limit Fido’s outdoor time when the levels are high.

Offer Vet-Approved Medicine

There are medications that can help with allergies. However, you should never give Fido anything without your vet’s approval. Many human medications are dangerous to dogs. Some can even be deadly! Ask your vet about available options.

Keep Bedding Clean

Wash Fido’s bed or bed covering frequently. Use only a hypo-allergenic, unscented detergent and hot water.

Air Purifier

A good air purifier won’t just help your furry bff breathe comfortably: the clean air will benefit the whole family! Remember to change your filters out regularly.

Consider Fido When Decorating

We know, completely redoing your place just for Fido may be a bit much. Just keep your pup in mind when renovating or redecorating. For instance, flooring may be a better option than carpet.

Parasite Control

Some of our furry pals are allergic to flea bites. Keep up with Fido’s preventative care!

Food Choices

Food allergies are really a different enchilada … literally. Pups with food allergies typically need very specialized and/or limited-ingredient diets. Ask your vet for specific advice. Do you know or suspect that your canine pal has allergies? Contact us, your local Damascus, MD animal clinic, today!