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Things Cats Don’t Understand
November 20, 2022
Cats are definitely quite complicated little furballs. Fluffy definitely marches—and pounces—to the beat of her own drum. There are some things we may never figure out about our feline friends, such as why they enjoy napping in configurations we usually would associate with pretzels. Of course, kitties also get perplexed about certain things. In this article, an Ijamsville, MD vet lists some things that cats haven’t quite figured out yet.

The Concept Of Privacy

Kitties are basically furry little shadows that love to follow their humans around. This is cute, but sometimes Fluffy goes a bit too far. Your nosy pet may even follow you into the bathroom!


Man’s Second Best Friend hasn’t quite sorted out her canine roommates yet. Fido wags his tail when he’s happy, actually does what he is told, and never uses the litterbox.


Our feline patients are definitely not fans of car rides. Fluffy seems to think she’s been gobbled up by an evil robot that is hurtling her towards certain doom. (Fido, on the other hand, usually loves going for drives, which is another thing that does not compute for kitties.)


Kitties certainly haven’t been left behind by the computer age. They’ve actually managed to take over a pretty good chunk of the internet. However, Fluffy apparently assumes that the proper way to use computers is by sleeping or sitting on them.

Laser Pointers

Playing with Fluffy regularly will benefit her both mentally and physically. Interactive play is really the best option. Laser pointers, for instance, can be great fun for playful pets. However, your frisky little buddy may never quite figure out that elusive red spot!


Our feline buddies are full of fun and interesting quirks. For instance, it’s probably safe to say that Fluffy is the only one of our animal companions that will bite us for fun, only to want cuddles two minutes later. She also has no qualms about waking us up when we’re late with her breakfast, or leaving fur in our coffee.


Many cats are extremely graceful and athletic. Others? Not so much. Fluffy does seem to struggle with the laws of physics. Or, then again, maybe she just makes up her own. Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Please feel free to contact us, your Ijamsville, MD veterinary clinic, today! We’re here to help!