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Shedding Season Cleaning Tips
March 15, 2023

Spring is just around the corner. For many pet owners, that not only means the return of sunshine and warmth, it also heralds the approach of shedding season. A Frederick, MD vet offers some information on surviving Fluffy and Fido’s wardrobe change below. 

Fur Busters 

It’s almost astonishing how much fur Fluffy and Fido can leave on our things. We do have a few hacks for this. Squeegees work well at getting fur off many types of upholstery. Damp sponges and rubber dish gloves are also helpful. If you want to quickly de-fur a piece of clothing, toss it into the dryer for a few minutes with a wet facecloth. 


Brushing your fuzzy friend will remove dead fur and dander from their coat before it gets stuck everywhere. Brushing is always a good thing, but it’s even more beneficial during shedding time. If you can, take Fido outdoors for his beauty sessions, so the fur just blows off. Birds may even use it to build nests! If your four-legged pal is a heavy shedder, you may want to wear an apron.


Vacuuming daily can go a long way. You don’t have to do your entire place every day. Just quickly go over the high-traffic areas daily, and then follow up with more thorough cleanings every week or so. Attachments work well for getting fur out of nooks and crannies. You can even get ones made to be used directly on Fluffy and Fido! Just don’t force your pet to submit if they’re scared.

Helpful Tips

Even if you don’t use furniture slipcovers all the time, it’s a good idea to set some out at this time of year. Get washable ones that are easy to take on and off. Another word of advice? Lint rollers are your friend … especially at this time of year. Keep extras in convenient spots, such as your car and work station.


Spring can be a peak time for kitty hairballs. These happen when Fluffy swallows some of her own fur while grooming herself. Hairballs are not fun for either you or your feline friend. Unfortunately, they also can be dangerous. Your cat could be in serious trouble if one gets lodged in her intestinal tract! Ask your vet for tips on using hairball preventatives. 

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