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Senior Dog Comforts
April 15, 2023

Is your canine companion entering his senior years? Fido will never stop being loyal, loving, and adorable. He’ll also somehow manage to get even cuter over time! However, he will need some extra TLC in his golden years. Here, a Frederick, MD veterinarian lists some ways to make things a little easier for your faithful buddy as he grows older. 

Soft Beds

As your furry friend ages, he may become stiff and sore, especially if he develops arthritis or hip dysplasia. Making sure that he has a comfy bed is very important. Fido won’t sleep well on a thin pad! Orthopedic beds are great for older dogs. (Plus, it’s really cute watching a sweet senior pooch peacefully snoozing and perhaps dreaming of chasing squirrels.) 

Climate Control 

Fido will become more sensitive to temperature extremes in his golden years. Pups with thick coats will be more susceptible to heat, while those with thin coats may shiver when it’s chilly out. He’ll also have a harder time adjusting between hot and cold environments. Pay attention to weather conditions, and don’t let your canine pal get too hot or cold.

Proper Activity 

Fido won’t have the energy or stamina he did when he was a puppy, but he’ll still need proper exercise. Proper activity will help keep your pet’s bones and muscles strong, which is great for his strength, stamina, and overall fitness. However, you’ll want to make some adjustments to your furry buddy’s doggy workout regime. For most pooches, a few daily walks are fine. You may also want to opt for shorter but more frequent strolls. Ask your vet for recommendations. 


Long claws are a bigger issue than many people realize. Overgrown nails will interfere with the natural angle of Fido’s furry toes as they hit the ground. That will in turn affect his stride and stance, increasing the risk of slips, falls, and injuries. It’s also bad for his bones and joints. Keep those nails clipped! 


Fido may not be thrilled about his baths, but he won’t be very comfortable with dead, itchy fur in his coat. Keep up with his beauty care!

Pet Ramps 

Many older dogs have trouble climbing and jumping onto things, or getting in and out of cars. Pet ramps can be a huge help here!

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