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Creating A Catio
May 15, 2023

Do you keep your feline pal indoors? If so, that’s great. Kitties are quite bold and adventurous … sometimes too much for their own good. Fluffy is much safer staying indoors, where she is protected from weather, traffic, wild and stray animals, parasites, and other dangers. However, you can still let your cute pet enjoy a taste of the Great Outdoors … by offering her a catio. Read on as a Frederick, MD veterinarian offers some pawesome tips on creating a great space for your furry little friend.

Choosing The Spot

An enclosed porch or patio is a purrfect spot, but they aren’t the only options. You can also use a spare room, loft area, or just a bright corner. The biggest thing is to choose a spot with decent sunlight and, if possible, an interesting view.


What makes a catio a catio, rather than just a spot to put some kitty furniture? Plants! You will need to be careful to only use pet-safe options. Opt for a good mix. If you like trailing plants, you can try String of Turtles, String of Hearts, or Burro’s Tail. Other safe options include Boston ferns, Spider plants, and African violets. Check the ASPCA website here for more options.


Fluffy will need a few things to lounge about looking adorable on. A cat tower is of course the ultimate option here, but you can also offer your furry buddy beds, loungers, or kitty condos. Want to really please your feline overlord? Make her a catwalk or a box castle! 


It goes without saying that Fluffy will use her catio for napping. However, try as she might, your sleepy furball can’t snooze all the time. She’ll need some ways to occupy herself when she’s awake. Make her catio extra fun by adding lots of toys. Catios can be great spots for remote-controlled playthings or larger toys.


Kitties are wonderful for helping us relax, and just generally adding fun, love, and comedic relief to our lives. While it’s great to optimize a spot for your furball, you don’t have to give up the space. Add some comfy furniture and features for yourself as well. You may find that you and your feline friend both appreciate having a pretty, soothing space to relax in.

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