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Litterbox Setup Tips
October 1, 2023

Have you just become a first-time cat owner? Or perhaps we should say has a cat recently assumed control of your household? Our feline friends do have a way of wrapping their humans around their paws. Fluffy is pretty easy to care for: providing her with good food, fresh water, proper veterinary care, and, of course, a litterbox will take care of her most basic needs. We’re going to focus on the latter here. Here, a local Frederick, MD vet offers some tips on litterbox setup.

Offer Privacy

Just like people, cats like to have some privacy in the bathroom. Put Fluffy’s litterbox in an out-of-the-way spot. Choose a place that isn’t in direct sunlight, won’t get drafty in winter, and has some light at all times. (Tip: If you use a spare bathroom, keep the fan on in that room: ventilation will help fight the smell.)

Avoid Overcrowding

Do you have more than one cat? If so, you’re not alone: about 44 percent of people with kitties have more than one furball. Our feline friends can do just fine as only pets, but they often get along pretty well with furry roommates, providing they don’t have to compete over resources. If you have multiple cats, you’ll need more than one litterbox. The average rule of thumb is one box per kitty plus an extra.

Keep Fluffy’s Age In Mind

For the most part, you’ll be able to go with any litter and litterbox that you and your kitty like. However, there are a few exceptions here. If your feline friend is still a kitten, you’ll want to avoid clay and clumping litters. Little Fluffy tends to be a bit clumsy as she’s getting the hang of getting a cat, and may accidentally ingest litter. This can lead to dangerous blockages. If you have an older cat, opt for a box with lower walls, one’s that easy to get in and out of.

Keep It Hidden

Do you live in a small space? Fluffy’s powder room isn’t exactly an appealing piece of décor. The most attractive way to hide the box is likely to get a piece of furniture that was designed for that purpose. You can also go the DIY route and make something, perhaps using an old end table or chest. Another option is to get a folding screen or room divider.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Frederick, MD animal clinic, today!