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Weird Ways Cats Show They Are Happy
September 1, 2023

September may be Fluffy’s favorite month: it’s Happy Cat Month! We think all of our feline friends deserve to be happy all year long! Of course, kitties can be tricky to read at times. Here, a Frederick, MD vet lists some odd ways to tell that your furry buddy is content.


The purr is likely Fluffy’s most adorable way of showing that she’s happy. Many kitties turn their motors on as soon as someone pets them or picks them up!


You have to love the fact that cats are so affectionate. Our feline buddies are just the right size to fit onto our laps. Plus, Fluffy’s soft fur and cute face are heart-meltingly cute.

Occasional Violence

One of the weirder ways kitties show that they’re happy is when they playfully bite or scratch us. There’s a difference between this and actual violence, of course. If Fluffy is truly angry or aggressive, she’ll bite or scratch with force, and she may growl or hiss. Furballs that are feeling frisky or silly are usually quite gentle, and often run out of steam after a few love bites.


If Fluffy is comfortable enough in her domain to sprawl out in the middle of the floor, it’s a good sign. Kitties that don’t feel safe often retreat to their favorite safe spaces.


One reason happy cats are so fun? They’re quite frisky and playful, which is adorable to watch. Make sure your little buddy has plenty of catnip mice to bat under the couch.

Body Language

You can tell quite a bit about Fluffy’s mood by her body language. Relaxed, happy furballs will have an overall relaxed look about them. They may also slowly blink at you, wiggle their tails at you, and meow to chat with you. 

Leg Rubs

Does your feline pal sometimes rub against your legs? This is a pretty adorable way of begging for food and/or attention. Fluffy is also marking you with her scent when she does this, which means she wants to keep you.

Making Biscuits

Kneading—or making biscuits— is one of the more painful signs of kitty contentment. Cats do this to their mommas when nursing to stimulate milk, so it’s a sign that Fluffy sees you as her parent. (Tip: put a pillow on your lap before settling in with your furry pal.) 

As your Frederick, MD pet clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your furry friend happy. Call anytime!