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Weird Ways Cats Show They Are Happy

September may be Fluffy’s favorite month: it’s Happy Cat Month! We think all of our
dog with light brown fur sticking head out window

Back To School Safety For Dogs

Can you believe that it’s back to school time already? In fact, some stores are

Reasons To Keep Your Cat Indoors

Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your cat

Keeping Fido Cool

Summer is in full swing. This can be a rough time of year for our

Summer With Senior Cats

Is your feline buddy in her senior years? Fluffy will probably want to spend her

Caring For A Shy Kitty

One thing we love about our feline pals is the fact that they all have
Orange cat lying down

Tips For Adopting A Cat

June is a pretty important month to our feline overlords: it’s Adopt A Cat Month!

Creating A Catio

Do you keep your feline pal indoors? If so, that’s great. Kitties are quite bold

Senior Dog Comforts

Is your canine companion entering his senior years? Fido will never stop being loyal, loving,
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